Thursday, January 24, 2008

a PC of my very own!

I loooove my Brian so much! He set me up a computer of my very own!!! Now I can put all my crafty crap on it without littering up his computer. Not that he really minded my stuff being on there but I always felt bad cause I have sooooooo much stuff. Between patterns and bookmarks and all sorts of silliness he wouldn't have been able to find anything of his on there. Now I can upload and save to my heart's content!

:banana: !!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

OMG, a HUGE honor!

So I logged onto Craftster this morning to find this in my inbox: " Congratulations! One of your scrapbooking projects has been chosen as the "Best of Craftster 2007" for the Paper Crafts board! ".

I literally squealed!! Ever since the day I stumbled upon craftster I've been amazed at the amount of talent that is amassed on a single board - everything from fiber and fabric art to paper, clay, photography...just EVERYTHING. It's all so fantastic. Now, for the powers that be to rank me up there with the finest, well, I'm flabbergasted, and VERY thankful!

Check me out!!! Not one, but TWO of my pieces have been chosen and are in the Top 5 of their group!!!!!!! My Denny's album and scrapbook sketches tin....

Just scroll down until you get to PAPER CRAFTS, JOURNALS & BOOK MAKING: Scrapbooking: Completed Projects. It's the 33rd row down.