Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting my fix!

Last night while on Ravelry I noticed an ad at the bottom of the page for a Phantom of the Opera Spin-a-long for November/December. Instantly interested, I clicked the link and was taken to Extremespinning's Etsy page (droolworthy fibers-yum!). I read the description and wasn't halfway through before I had already decided to purchase the fibers and join in. The theme is Phantom and the batts will be a blend of "merino, soy silk, bamboo, alpaca, and glitz, multiple colors for mixing and blending". I'm really looking forward to spinning those up! The colorways are inspired by this Phantom photo.

A handmade surprise is also included from Etsy seller Yarndemon. I checked out her shop and faved her immediately- SUCH cute items! I'm pretty excited to see what we're getting. The package won't ship until the 25th so I have about 2 weeks until it arrives. That will give me just the drive I need to crank out those Christmas prezzies. After all, I'm going to want to be able to take my time and enjoy my spin-a-long!

Fellow spinners- extremespinning has some beautiful fibers for sale, check them out when you get a chance and for my knit and crochet friends- Yarndemon's stitch markers are adorable!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I finally broke down...

For a couple years now I've been holding out to purchase my dream camera...a Cannon Rebel. Finally admitting to myself that it's really not going to happen any time soon I broke down and went to the store the other night to look for a simple point and shoot. I ended up leaving with this little pretty:

No more crap pictures on my cell phone! It's high class all the way now!I already knitted up a case for it with some handspun of mine. Hopefully this weekend I'll have some time to play with it and get some new pics of some of my projects.

Speaking of projects, I started on one of Stefani's Christmas prezzies. It's a set of 4 cotton butterfly washcloths. I should be able to finish two of them tonight. With a little perseverance they'll be done by the beginning of the week and I can start on another item.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I can't decide what project to start next. There are quite a few to complete in the next 2 months in order for me to be ready for Christmas. Perhaps I should start with the slightly more ambitious ones and get them out of the way, like the thread crochet or cabled items. What if I just bang out the easy ones and be done with them but then potentially not have time to finish the bigger items? Man, I'm really horrible at this whole decision making thing... Maybe I should just put them all in a hat and draw names. :)

Wait! By jove I've got it! I know how to start! By getting off this damn computer! lol