Saturday, November 11, 2006


For some reason, my other blog (altered state of mind) would not let me post anything. I've tried for weeks with no success, so I'm finally breaking down and starting a new one.

I was tagged by Breanne right around the time I couldn't post on my other blog, so that's how I'll start this one. :)

A)Four jobs I have had in my life
-Mortgage company processor
-Benihana Steakhouse

B)Four movies I would watch over and over
-Shakespeare in Love
-Pride and Predjudice (A&E miniseries, not that new crap movie)
-Bridget Jones

C)Four places I have lived
-Nashville, TN
-Cedar Rapids, Iowa
-Mentor, OH
-Claridon, OH

D)Four TV shows I love to watch
-Project Runway (I'm so glad for reruns!)
-What not to Wear
-Absolutely Fabulous

E)Four places I have been on vacation
-Wilmington, NC
-Brighton, England
-London, England

F)Four Websites I visit daily
-Lonely Planet

G)Four of my favorite foods

H)Four places I would like to be right now
-back in Brighton
-hanging out with my Brian
-on a plane flying to somewhere beautiful
-back in Brighton

I)Four friends I am tagging
-sadly I don't have 4 friends on here yet that I can tag.

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