Friday, April 20, 2007

A quick How-to

One day I was playing around with some ranger glass slides and had the idea to give them some dimension. Since a few people have asked me how I made them here's a quick tutorial. If something isn't clear feel free to ask questions! :)

To make them I pretty much just stamped and alcohol inked 6 slides and used a thin line of diamond glaze /crystal lacquer to hold them
together. While the adhesive was drying I propped each side up with some random item to hold it in place. Once the four sides were set in place I edged the top with diamond glaze, put my last slide on top and let that set. I have ideas for 3 dimensional objects which I would either put in at that time and/or hinges to add so they can open up but I ran out of slides. Roll Eyes Once all of the diamond glaze was set I used some embossing ink and some antique gold embossing powder along the edges to make them look kind of soldered on.

Some day I'll post a step by step with pics, but for now, that's all I've got.