Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fairy Tale Creature Swap

I got my Angel package the other day! Grin

Let me say first off how awesome Red_Pooka is!! She totally spoiled me, I LOVE everything she made!! She put so much thought into all of it. Everything was tagged with descriptions of why she included each item. I got some pixie stix (yum!), a fairy stone (that I've already worn twice as a necklace), a stenciled shirt (that fits like a glove and is an amazing shade of green that goes perfectly with my green eyes!), and a knitted dragon (Smaug from The Hobbit!!), and what dragon would be complete without some dragon's treasure!!

Ok, here it all is!!

Fairy Stone:

Closeup of Smaug and his treasure (I love the details!! Right down to his jewel encrusted belly scales!!):

Celtic Dragon Shirt (hand stenciled) :

Action shot:


Julianna said...

aww! how awesome! that shirt looks fantabulous on you!

Everlasting Monday said...

I love that shirt!!!
Awesome loot!

tigger said...

You look WONDERFUL in that shirt!!! Great loot...