Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Craft Room.

What beautiful words!! Soon, very soon, I will have my space, my own place. I can mess it up, relax in it - it will be my little creative haven away from the world. I'm so excited- a WHOLE ROOM just for my art! I can't even imagine - space to do all the crafty things I love! I'll have my desk for scrapping, a sewing table, a cozy corner for crocheting and (gasp) knitting. There will be plenty of room for storage in my big closet and a place for all of my Sterilite drawers. I'll get to decorate the room with as much art and inspiration as I can manage to fit. As long as it will fit, I'm even going to have a bed for those sleepy moments when I might want to take a nap. :)

My dream fabric storage:

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tigger said...

I'm SO excited for you... ((hug))