Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two more weeks!!!!

For those that don't know, I'll be moving soon!!!I'm very excited, and yes, my house will be fine for those of you that know the situation. I'm not just going to leave my family hanging, but I do need to get out on my own. Everything is all worked out. :)

Brian and I will be getting a two bedroom apartment in Lakewood. It's in a good neighborhood and just around the corner from many of our friends. Not only will I be getting to finally live with my dearest love, but the craftster in me will have a wonderful new place to decorate!!!

This is my inspiration:

Earthy. Ethnic. Warm. Inviting. Cultured.

Thank goodness Brian and I are in agreement with the color palette and the feel of how we want our place to be. I think I could pretty much do whatever I want and he would be okay with it. Our landlord is allowing us to paint too, which is amazing so we really have tons of options and colors/textures to play around with. I would really like to mix up the place with everything from Celtic and European decor to some Middle Eastern and Asian flavors. It should be a lot of fun!

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