Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Swap, Swappy, Swap, Swap. The 1950s and Jane Austen

I've been kind of obsessed with Craftster swaps lately. Not really sure why.

In January I did a 1950s swap. I had a WONDERFUL partner and she made some amazing things for me. Maybe that's why I'm so hyped up on swaps right now - she got me into a great crafting groove!

So, without further ado, here is the package that I received from perlabella!

A 50s Corvette cozy. I keep my cell in it since i have a terrible habit of dropping it. :-P

Since I've become so domestic since moving in with Bri I got a lovely green potholder. I like to use it when I bake. ;)

I absolutely love this decoupaged box. It came to me holding a fantastic little beginners embroidery kit but since the color of the wood and all the red in it matches my kitchen perfectly I've turned it into a recipe box.

This might be my favorite item - the embroidered roller girl!!! Isn't she perfect? I just love it!

This was the package that I sent to her. :)

She's a big Lauren Bacall / Humphrey Bogart fan so I when I found this stencil of Lauren Bacall I knew it was perfect.

I LOVED working on this. The pic just doesn't do it justice. It's three 4x4 canvases, each with a pic of a pretty pin up. I edged each pic with a mix of black acrylic paint and texture medium. Then, while that was setting I added some black, blue and green rhinestones. Lastly I added the chunky black ribbon to hold them all together and make them a wall hanging.

Here is a teal and brown quilted sleeping mask (with matching bag- not pictured here) because really, what true 50s girl doesn't need her beauty sleep?

This is a small wooden box colored with walnut ink and a gold shimmer walnut ink. The letters are MM rub ons. Inside the box was a set of Bogart/Bacall magnets. Each one is a shot of their romance on screen. :-) Super fun little project.

Now for Jane Austen. Here's what I sent:
This is a cameo wall hanging using a stucco texture medium. This picture is actually in its half finished phase, before I added embellishment around the edges and the ribbon to hang it from. I am an idiot and forgot to get a pic of it completely done, but this way you at least get an idea. Oh! And it's the supposed silhouette of Jane Austen.

Since I had seen that my partner makes Regency gowns I made a work apron so that the pretty frocks won't get dirty.

This is a wooden keepsake box with another famous pic of Miss Austen done by her sister Cassandra. Inside was a small drawstring bag holding two sets of glass marble magnets, one set for Persuasion and the other for Bride and Prejudice.