Monday, October 12, 2009

Persuasion Multnomah

I'm in a KAL for Jane Austen's Persuasion. The theme being water, waves, blue, oceans, etc... I found my inspiration close to home. Living about a 10 minute walk from the shores of Lake Erie, I took a stroll and ended up having a lovely evening reading, with this as my view:
Realizing that my Opal yarn would be perfect for this project my plans of making a pair of lacy cream colored fingerless gloves were swapped for a lovely, small shawl which can easily double as a fantastic neckerchief. With winter coming up I find this to be a most perfect accessory.

I've chosen the Multnomah, a beautiful little shawl with the feather and fan border representing the waves along a shoreline. The yarn I’m using for this is inspired by the shimmer on the Lake. It’s a thick and thin 2-ply. The thin, shiny yarn is the shimmer and the slightly puffier cream yarn reminds me of the little cloud fluffs. The light color also seems to fit the feel of Persuasion for me as well -the simple softness and beauty of Anne.

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