Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shiny "new" toy!!!

I picked up my loom today (thank you Rich and Aaron!!!) and brought her on home. Hmmm...not sure why I think it's a "her"...but ah well. :) Getting her into the house was a lot easier than I expected, there was just enough room to make maneuvering a breeze, though she's damn heavy! The guys did a great job getting the loom in the house and set up in the right spot. I still had to head back to my dad's afterwards so by the time I got home I was beat and almost ready for bed. I did some cleaning with Murphy's Wood Oil soap on all the accessories though and they're looking better already. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the loom and do a bit of oiling on the gears and metal bits. There's a lot of cotton warping on the back so I think I might be able to set it up and make sure it works properly. The heddles are a bit rusty so instead of trying to clean them one by one I may just buy some replacements on Woolery.

Thanks to a fellow Blogger for finding this pic of Reed Loom Company Weaver's Friend loom working it's magic! Very cool.

Tuesday is the monthly meeting of the Western Reserve Spinners and Weaver's Guild so I'm pretty excited about the near instant gratification of getting information from people that have been doing this for a while. There's even a Spin-In an hour before the meeting. I bet I could finish up the Corridale top I'm working on if I get to make it early enough!

On a side about I found a missing pair of handwarmers in a lovely self striping sock yarn that I made last year. I had been wondering where they went! With them were my US size 3 straights. Woohoo! On the straights is another (though not quite finished) hand warmer. Just gotta make the other one and I have a matching pair, and just in time for chilly weather. :-)

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