Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Hell

I've been super busy with having out of town family staying with me for the Thanksgiving holiday and the bf being in the hospital, but I'm finally back on track! I whipped this scarf up the other day and it got me back into the groove. Lovely yarn (Brae Tweed) and even lovelier once knit up into the Mustard Scarf! I've named this one Down the Brae, after the yarn name and my favorite Celtic music radio station.

The squish factor is amazing and I just loooove the color. Can't decide whether to add a button as the pattern calls for or just leave it to be used with a fabulous shawl pin. Hmm....

I got my Phantom Spin a long fibers the other day too. Tomorrow I should be able to play with them a bit and maybe post some pics. They're soooo soft, I just can't wait!

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