Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A few weeks a go I started working on a craft apron. I've been wanting one for ages, especially since when it comes to painting and inking I am an absolute mess. I think there's more on me than whatever my canvas is. I've been painting a lot more lately so I really wanted to finish this up and it gave me a nice break from the sea of brown taffeta that I've been working with for a week. :) I had 3 fat quarters of some really fantastic fabrics so I decided to make it a patch work apron with a large center pocket.

After working on my petticoat last night I revisited said apron. I had already made the patchwork panels, I just had to sew the backings on them and put the whole thing together. I wanted it to have a slightly rustic feel so I left many of the edges unfinished and did a lot of stitch detailing.

I eventually may add a pocket to the top half but we'll see. I also want to add some loops/small pockets along the waist to hold tools and maybe even add some buttons for some added interest.

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