Thursday, December 13, 2007

the knitty gritty...

So yes, I've finally begun to delve into the wide, wide world of knitting. I've dipped my toes in and the water feels fine!

Being a crocheter, I wasn't sure how I'd handle the two needle thing. I'd heard of so many people who can do one fiber craft and not the other that I was honestly a bit nervous. Could I do it, will I fumble around like a buffoon? Only one way to find out. I loved Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker book so much that I figured her Stitch-n-Bitch book would be a good way to go. I found it on, grabbed some needles from Joann's, some yarn from my stash and $10.00 later I tried my hand at becoming a knitter. I cast on with no problems, and started in on my first swatch. A little lopsided, some small mistakes, but nothing I didn't learn from for the next swatch around. Garter stitch - no prob! On to purling. Click, click,, click.... a swatch completely purled. Not so bad!. :) Now onto stockinette. Deep breath. Cast on....knit...purl....knit.... it! A lovely stockinette swatch with hardly any outrightly noticeable mistakes! I can totally do this! I then made ribbing and seed stitch swatches. Whee! I really think I'm going to like this! Now I just have to learn to increase and decrease and I'll be well on my way! :-D

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