Wednesday, December 19, 2007

little kitties!

Yesterday Brian and I became the proud owners of two adorable little kittens. We have a brother and sister, 8 weeks old. They are as rambunctious as all kittens are, and perfectly sweet when they are asleep. At first I was just going to pick up a little girl, but while I was there I couldn't help noticing how cute the boy was and well, I had to have them both. I sent Brian a text asking if we could have two. "Really? Send a pic" was the reply. I did and when i didn't hear back from him with a yes or no I made the executive decision of a yes! When he called a little while after I got home and asked me if I brought home two and he just laughed when he heard the answer. He loves them though and didn't mind a bit. Jasmine, on the other hand is NOT pleased. She'll get over it though. :) We have yet to name them since we wanted to wait a while to see each of their personalities so as soon as we do I'll post them.

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