Friday, October 30, 2009

Ants in my Pants

I'm really dying to get my hands on some new fiber!!! I don't have a stash like most spinners- at the moment I'm stuck purchasing just enough at a time to keep my wheel with something to spin, which isn't hard since I limit my spinning time to make what I have last for a while. I'd just loooove to get to the point where I have at least a small stash of lovely things to play with and experiment with. I'm off today so I plan on finishing the rest of the Redwood Forest since I got too busy last week with my grandma going into the hospital. After I finish with the Redwood at least I have about 2-3 oz. of the Corridale left. Whew!

I also want to finish at least ONE Christmas prezzie this weekend. I'm not doing so well in the gift making so far, being slightly obsessed with getting, cleaning, and learning about my new loom the past couple weeks. :-) Oops. I can probably make a lot of progress on the set of butterfly washcloths for Stefani though, I just wish I could remember what color her bathroom is! (insert rolling eye emoticon here) I'd like to start on the filet crochet breadcloth as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out using black crochet thread instead of white as shown in the pattern picture. I need to grab up a couple skeins of some bulky weight yarn for Annemarie and Brittney's gifts too sometime in the next week too. Those should be fun- I love playing with cables!

Speaking of Annemarie, I finally found the tablecloth I started for her!! It somehow got lost in the move last spring and I'd been trying to find it all summer. Well last week while looking for green felt to make my little sis her Peter Pan hat for Halloween I found it buried in my craft closet. Woohooo! Thankfully it's a little farther along than shown this pic! :-D

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