Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Western Reserve Spinners and Weavers Guild

I stopped by the meeting Tuesday night, arriving a few minutes late which was actually kind of lucky for me. On the way in I met a lovely lady named Liz, also late, and sort of a newbie herself. She's been to about 3 meetings so far but was able to show me the ropes. We went in and arrived there just after the speaker had begun. Okay, now I know it's going to sound completely dorky, but the discussion was about moths. I know, I know. I can just see the looks on some of your faces. You're wondering something along the lines of "What the hell is she talking about", but it really was interesting, especially for someone who stores yarns, fibers and fabric- aka "the perfect lunch" in moth world. After the hour long talk/slide show it was time for the actual meeting to start.

While the speaker was gathering his things this gave Liz and I a chance to talk for a few minutes. She told me about the previous meeting that she attended and about the demos and workshops available both during the meetings and at other types of fiber events. I also learned that she has an alpaca farm and is hoping that the guild will give her some new outlets for fleece sales. I shared my interest in purchasing fleeces and wanting to play with and learn more about different fibers. Well, how excited do you think I was when she said that if I'm planning on coming to the next meeting she will try and bring me a bit of her alpaca to experiment with! (insert dancing banana emoticon here) At this point, being on a time constraint, I really needed to get going. I stayed long enough to introduce myself to the group and sadly declare that I had to leave, but not before getting a business card from Liz and signing up for the monthly newsletter.

From what I can tell it seems to be a pretty interesting group, and informative too. There was even a woman spinning, one knitting and another doing some card weaving during the slide show- so that's fun. It looks like I'm the youngest of them so far, out of the 30 or so people that were there. Oh, the wisdom of all things fiber arty that must be collected in such a group! I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning some great new things.

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