Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She's all clean from top to bottom! She was pretty dingy - the towel I used was looking pretty rough when I got done. It's a vast improvement for sure. Now that it's all done though I just need to order my replacement parts. One will be the reed (shown here) You can't really tell but the edges ares a little on the rusty side and some of the slats in the middle aren't looking too hot either.

The other pieces are the 600 heddles and some new pegs for the back beam holding the warping threads. The ones on there currently are a bit brittle and keep breaking off. :(

Here she is though, all bright and happy! I'm hoping to be able to order all the parts in a couple weeks and be weaving by the end of November! In the mean time I can be good and start working on Christmas prezzies again! :)

Tonight is the Guild meeting too. I hope i can make it. It'd be nice to be able to get started learning a bit and then by the time next month's meeting rolls around I'll have my loom all set up and can weave on my merry way!

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