Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jane Austen Swap

This is my second Jane Austen Swap... needless to say she's quite a favorite of mine. :) For this swap I decided to go big. The requirements were a large item and two smalls but since my partner had decided to make me a period gown I wanted to make my package to her reflect my thanks.

The first items are a simple pearl beaded necklace and bracelet. Nothing too fancy, as simplicity was a key theme in the Regency period. I decorated a small round box to put them in.

Next, one of the items that was requested was a journal. Yay! One of my favorite types of projects! This one was fun too because I got to find a Jane Austen quote. She's so sassy! I'm always surprised when people think of her as prim and proper. :) It's a bit mixed media (once again trying to branch out here). I used a print out of the silhouette that is supposedly Miss Austen herself, acrylic paint, gel medium, rub ons (thank you 7 Gypsies!), and a few bits and bobs.

Finally for package #1 is the large item - a shawl. It's my very first completed knitted shawl so I'm pretty proud of it. It's a lovely color and pretty cozy. It's large enough to keep your shoulders warm when worn as a shawl and small enough to wear as a neck kerchief for a more modern look.

So here it is, part one of two! Somehow the color red became an ongoing theme in this package, which I guess is appropriate since it is Valentine's Day weekend. :)

I have two other items to send out but I didn't want to hold up the whole package so I shipped this one off on it's merry way. Part two will come as soon as I've finished the final piece!

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