Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Labyrinth Swap

I haven't posted in a while with all the swap stuff I've been working on. I've been anxious to post some of my items too, but due to possible spoilers I have to be good and wait, at least until I've sent out my packages. :) I'm not sending this one out until tomorrow but I just can't wait any longer.

So first off, I've finally finished with the Labyrinth swap, and what a bunch of fun it was! It's probably been one of my favorite swaps so far. I received a really great package from Pupper. Here's the lot all together:

First there's a felted William ( I heart him - but unfortunately so do my kitties so he must stay hidden for now) and a fantastic miniature felt Jareth doll. Just look at those killer cheekbones! A Labyrinth inspired necklace and cool "bubble" earrings, both of which will go with a lot of my clothes.Here's an amazing Door Knocker jewelry box. The clay sculpting is fabulous- I could never even dream of trying to make one of the door knockers!

Then there's a gold necklace and dangle earring set which will be great for faire.

Finally here is a William the Worm "Ello" sign and a William mini calender. Can you tell he's one of my favorites? :D

There's also an owl candle (not for lighting- he's too awesome), but I somehow forgot to take a solo picture of him.

Now for my package to Pupper. For starters we have a couple of knitted items. First off is the requisite Owl item! :) I love owlies, especially the one in this film. Barn owls are so beautiful. Here are 2 cotton owl potholders, pre-blocked. For the eyes I used some glittery copper ribbon. When you're dealing with the Labyrinth, you always need a little glitter! :-D

The next item up is the William scarf I made. I used Wool-ease for some warmth and I think the color works well. It's a simple garter stitch scarf with fringe and has a great "squish" factor. I do wish however, that I had made it a little longer. I didn't have my second skein of yarn with me though and and I was getting anxious to finish it. There's really nothing wrong with the length but as a personal preference I wish it were longer.

This is the largest item. I wanted to try my hand at a mixed media painting. I've dabbled in it before but I wanted to try something on a larger scale. I really didn't want to go 20x24 but I started playing around with some ideas and it just kind of happened. :)

I started off with some stucco, acrylics and gel medium...

It eventually made its way to this, with the addition of printed images, glass bead texture medium, foam & rubber stamping, Stazon, and a LOT more acrylic paint and gel medium. :) I love the way the colors came out, although the pictures do it absolutely no justice.

I think my favorite bit is the goblins in the bottom left corner. The words surrounding the picture say "I wish the goblins would come and take you away...)" Other quotes include: "What's said is said" and "What a pity". We all swoon over Jareth but for this I really wanted to showcase his meaner side.

Next is something I had commissioned for my partner by my best friend and an amazing artist, Jeanne Hunt (jeannebaby on Craftster). She's been working on some watercolor paintings and I was absolutely blown away. I really wanted one for my partner so I asked if she could do a small 5x7 Ludo painting. It truly puts my work to shame, but here it is anyway. :D The color and detail are absolutely perfect and the fact that she painted them without even referring to a photo is rediculous. She's seriously amazing.

Finally we have my favorite piece for this swap. The Junk Box. My apologies for the drawn out description but I LOVED working on this piece. My partner loves the character of Agnes, the old woman who lives in the junkyard outside the gates of the Goblin City. I really wanted to make something to represent her so from my love of altering boxes I came up with a little treasure chest.

It started off as a cast off in the $.99 bargain bin at Gabriel Brother's (and you better believe I stocked up on these awesome little boxes!). From there it got covered in Barbie doll toys, buttons, and other odds and ends found around the house. Hey, it is after all a junkyard scene!

For some texture on the sides I went the way of toilet paper and egg shells. I know it may sound weird but it really gives some great effects! Finally a layer of gesso topped it all off and it was time to get down to the fun part!

I once again broke out the acrylics, gel medium and iridescent paints and went to town. I wanted it to have a dark and ugly feel about it so I went with grays, blacks, and greens. I didn't want it too ugly though so shimmery purple and golds helped with highlighting. I used 3 flat backed marbles to mimic Jareth's crystal bubbles and finished it off with some black glitter (not in the pics though :( )

I wanted to inside to really *pop* so I stayed with the purples and painted the inside. Finally I added a quote from Agnes and felt to the bottom.

Edited 2/8/10
Okay, okay. So I have to admit that for some reason, when looking at all of my swap items together it didn't feel like it was enough. I decided to make one final item right before I packaged everything up to ship off. Every goblin friend needs to feel like they fit in with the crowd, right? Of course right. So I made these:
This was my first attempt at horns and I think they came out pretty well. Granted they look a little more "devil" like and I really wanted to add some texture but I was on a time limit since I still had to make it to the post office by 5:00. You can't tell in the picture but they actually are a slight shimmery copper with a more matte, muddy color over top.

I really hope she likes everything! It was such a blast to work on this swap!!

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Incredible work! I love all the detail.