Sunday, March 21, 2010

Handspun and Handcrafts Swap

I just finished yet another swap. This one was fun and frustrating. Fun because the yarn I spun up was colorful and frustrating because it didn't really spin up the way I wanted it to. The first one I had done was 4oz. of 100%wool from Dancing Feet Roving by Tomboy Yarns. It was a fantastic colorway called Tangerine Spice.

It ended up spinning up to about 220 yards of thin-medium weight. I'd love a yarn gauge so I could have a better idea of the thickness. :-/

Next up was 4oz of wool called Blurberries. For some reason this one spun up weird - it was kind of fussy and I'm not really sure why since this is the 3rd roving I've bought from this company and the other two were a dream to spin. Who knows. Anyway, without further ado...Winter Blurberry Pie:

From my partner I received some lovely bits and bobs. Here they are... my hand crafted items from Dolly Mixx! First up are the yummy smelling goodness of handmade soaps. There's also a big vial of Mandarin, tea tree and lavender bath oil - some of my favorite scents!

Then for the large there's the handmade notebook. Love the colors, love the textures - so fun. I love the beads as well, gives it so much added dimension.

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