Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Motif Scarf

I felt like crocheting the other night and wanted a quick project for a skein of yarn that I've had laying around forever so I grabbed the Motif Scarf pattern from Lion and went to town. It came out really well so I think I'm going to give it away for Christmas. It's really easy and quick and I loved working on the pattern so I'm probably going to end up making a few more. They're so pretty too and the style is perfect for a couple lovely ladies that I know. I really puts me in the mood to crochet though and I'm dying to run to the store and buy up some nicer yarns and bust out a couple more projects. Right now all I seem to have is a bunch of mediocre acrylic - not ideal for the gifts I want to make. Hmmm... Anyone know where I can get a money tree...?

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